The role of the Chief Strategy Officer/Chief of Staff has expanded to include formalizing the University’s strategic-planning processes, forging new working relationships and synergies across the organization, and establishing greater transparency and accountability for those people carrying out the University’s strategy. Along with providing leadership and coordination between University, Board of Trustees and Board of Regents, the Chief Strategy Officer also acts as liaison and coordinates efforts between Health Sciences, main campus and ARUP. This office also leads the visioning process for town/campus community for the campus and develops a vision for the Real Estate Administration department.

Patricia Ross

Patricia Ross is the Chief of Staff to the President at the University of Utah. Patricia is also the Chief Strategy Officer for the President’s office and oversees the Board of Trustees and Regents relations. She has served in this capacity for several years. Currently she represents the President on numerous boards including the University Hospital Board and ARUP. Preceding this role, Ms. Ross served as Chief Strategy Officer to the University of Utah Sr. VP for Academic Affairs for five years, coordinating capital investment strategies, the University’s USTAR economic development initiative, and directing the institution’s real estate strategy. Prior to joining the U of U, Ms. Ross worked as an economic consultant analyzing real estate investment opportunities, preparing economic and fiscal impact analyses for private and public entities including municipalities, counties, and school districts. Patricia’s employment history includes a variety of roles for an international telecommunications company and working as an auditor for an international CPA firm. Ms. Ross is a licensed CPA in the state of Utah and holds a BS in Accounting as well as an MBA, from the University of Utah. Ms. Ross serves on several boards including Utah’s Urban Land Institute, University of Utah Health Plans, and Economic Development Corporation of Utah. Ms. Ross has been a resident of Utah for 20-plus years and enjoys the extensive outdoor recreational opportunities found in Utah.


Patricia A. Ross
Chief of Staff to the President
Chief Strategy Officer

Karen West
Executive Assistant to the Chief of Staff